Wondering what to do with your life? Here’s what I suggest:

  • First priority: Your physical health. (No health → no life.)
  • Second priority: Reasonable financial security. (No food → no health.)
  • Third priority: Good relationships with friends and family. (Depressed → no mental health.)

After that you can do whatever. The game you’re playing doesn’t have any rules, and there’s no way to win.

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In general I’m very open to the idea that I got stuff wrong, I think all feedback is a gift, and I change things based on feedback from people all the time. But fans of methamphetamines should be aware I am not super open-minded about theories in which I am an agent of the Mexican cartels.

Not sure where to get started?

The closest thing I have to a “mission statement” is probably this analogy between culture war debates and attacking highly defended islands in the WWII Pacific theater. But it’s probably better to start with something below:

Air quality




Personal improvement

Things to never do

Thoughts? Questions? Help with my ever-proliferating collection of typos?