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makes lists relies on memory

sceptical wants to believe

bored by time alone needs time alone

accepts things as they are unsatisfied with the ways things are

keeps a clean room just puts stuff where ever

thinks "robotic" is an insult strives to have a mechanical mind

energetic mellow

prefer multiple choice test prefer essay answers

chaotic organized

easily hurt thick-skinned

works best in groups works best alone

focused on the present focused on the future

plans far ahead plans at the last minute

wants people's respect wants their love

gets worn out by parties gets fired up by parties

fits in stands out

keeps options open commits

wants to be good at fixing things wants to be good at fixing people

talks more listens more

when describing an event, will tell people what happened when describing an event, will tell people what it meant

gets work done right away procrastinates

follows the heart follows the head

stays at home goes out on the town

wants the big picture wants the details

improvises prepares

bases morality on justice bases morality on compassion

finds it difficult to yell very loudly yelling to others when they are far away comes naturally

theoretical empirical

works hard plays hard

uncomfortable with emotions values emotions

likes to perform in front of other people avoids public speaking

likes to know: who? what? likes to know: why

Result: ****

Traditional result: ****
(This divides every axis in two, which you really shouldn't do.)